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Artist's Statement

Color. When layered with Light, Movement and Time – Color is provocative. Think of a live stage performance. The story, the performers, the production, the lighting and sound design, all work together toward a cohesive and enriching composition. And you…. the audience, the viewer complete the experience.

I have been fortunate to have had success as a professional performer on the Broadway stage and around the world and… I have always painted. Along with being drawn in by Color, what has informed my art most, has been my experience traveling as an actor, singer, dancer, choreographer and director. It has been a great privilege to see the world as part of my work. The challenges that an artist faces on the canvas are similar to those presented when creating on the stage. The joy of putting it all together with the same kind of intuitive impulses: The Physical Act of Making Art. Physical Movement… the repetition of a brush stroke or palette knife, tying the movement of the body to the movement of the eye, and stepping back to get just the right perspective. Nothing is arbitrary. Choosing a vocabulary in pigment is like creating a color palette of select movements. All these similarities continue to call me to the easel. 

I consider myself a Colorist. It is the mesmerizing effects of Color and its relationship with light that I find most satisfying to paint and to look at. As I learned early on, finding contentment in the Process is everything. One of the challenges for the painter is to capture a feeling (an emotion) in the moment. An inspiration. An experience which in life is ephemeral, but in the color and composition of the painting - lives on.